The Pheobe Philo Era Celine Belt

It was an ordinary day, I was at my local goodwill surveying the belts. I was unimpressed with the selection which is not uncommon given the fact that goodwill is unapologetically NOT curated. I'm not complaining, part of finding a diamond in the rough is the fact that its.... in the rough. 

I have severe ADHD so if I don't see something I like within the first 5 minutes of peeling through a specific "department"  I move onto the next. (I put the word department in quotations as that would be a generous description for the way goodwill separates each section). Maybe it was a Monday, or maybe I decided to take my PRESCRIBED Adderal, but something kept me in the belt section, looking closely at the bleak selection. There, in my 6th minute, I had, my AHA moment. The pearly white leather interiored Celine Pheobe Philo era belt was staring me in the face. My jaw almost dropped. It was as if Diane Keaton was speaking to me saying "Here, from my closet, to yours."  

I of course, skipped to the register and as luck would further have it, I had racked up 100 Goodwill points, knocking $10 off this priceless piece. 

I marched home and styled this unique but oh so transitional piece. 

For the first look, I used an ATM sheer cream colored blouse I've had in my closet for years. I then added my favorite dress I have ever thrifted, which I do plan to wear to my future engagement party (yes, I bought a dress before meeting a man). The dress is a french brand that belongs to a label I cant pronounce nor spell because it's in script. It's this gorgeous thin silk material thats doubled over creating this bubble skirt effect. To top off the look I added these too mature for my own good Veronica Beard white leather woven kitten heels. I generally do not like to work with one color as I find it uninspiring and unoriginal but because of the mix of fabrics I felt it was not just acceptable but necessary. 


The second look I felt had to be more casual, I wanted to showcase the infinite possibilities this Celine belt had to offer. I chose to pair it with a classic. A Ralph Lauren striped button down over a pair of low rise Rag and Bone Jeans. I added this mini coach wristlet that I am almost positive was made for the OG flip phone. I am choosing to market it as a purell holder. or a Juul holder, or both. (All of these items are for sale). I had to do no thinking when it came to what shoes to wear. I knew this look needed to be topped with my personal Celine staple. Luggage colored leather T-strap sandals with a wrap around ankle closure. They were from SS 19. They are and will always be, amazing. 


The third look was more of a look I put together if I were to wear the belt. I started with one of my favorite Miyake pieces, a palm tree tank from one of his cauliflower collections, I then added a purple and white striped short sleeve button down I bought at an outdoor market in Tel Aviv. It was at the time that Balenciaga released they're take on the short sleeve button down and it reminded me of that. Since I was in Miyake mode I went with my pin striped Issey Miyake Mens oversized blazer. And thats where the Iconic Celine belt came into play... I needed to synch the waist, to give it a more feminine feel. Thats exactly what it did! For the bottoms I decided to go with a great pair of linen Sonia Rykel knee length shorts I bought off of The Real Real. I had to tie the bottom with the top so I added this Nylon Prada shoulder bag, bringing out the purple in the Falenciaga Button down and the black from the shorts. I added my own Bisou Bisou sandals that I kid you not look good with EVERYTHING. Then jazzed it up with a vintage charm bracelet I bought from La Boutique Resale, a consignment shop I used to work at on the Upper East Side. I got paid in inventory. Lol. 

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading! If you wanna take it one step further send me an email or dm letting me know which look you liked more! 

If you wanna take it one step further than that, purchase the belt, style it, and send me a photo so I can get even more inspired. 

-Lily <3 

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